Women in Politics

Topics: Barack Obama, Democratic Party, United States Pages: 4 (1808 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Women in Politics
Since the beginning of time men have taken the dominate role in life. This started when the country was first developing and they followed the biblical book The Bible. In The Bible it states that women are supposed to be quiet and be in full submission of their man. (1 Timothy 2:11-12) Later, in 1942, the separation of church and state was founded. Separation of church and state is keeping the organized religion and the nation state separated, but for some reason men let go of The Bible and still held on to what the holy book said about being dominate in the relationship. America is supposed the home of the free, but the country was not as free as it seemed. Women have been degraded and mistreated all across the United States of America, and have been believed not to be as smart as men. This is why women were not expected to discuss topics such as politics. It was not fair women are not stupid, and should not be treated as so. Today there are many intelligent females who have high positions in government. Just 4 years ago America had a woman by the name of Sarah Palin run for vice president, and in the next 4 years Hilary Clinton is thinking about following her husband’s footsteps and running for president in 2016. So the men better watch out.

Men and women are not as different as some people seem to think. Women are able to do anything men can do. Some women are able to do more than some men can do. Stereotypical role for men to be more superior to his wife was at its peak in the 19th century. Women were expected to take care of the house and children while the man took care of other tasks. Women were supposed to do whatever her husband told her without any hesitation. Men were even able to punish their wives if they felt like they did them wrong. Back then some men thought women needed to be kept in line so they used excuses for why women were not allowed to have any other responsibilities. Most of the excuses were focused on the...
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