Women in Media

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women and media

Women in Media
By Jennie Ruby
ft:er more than 35 years of feminist activism, legal action and social change, male dominance and centrality still characterize our culture. This control is much in evidence in our media. Control of the media is control of a huge social force. And the media is still controlled predominantly by men. The numbers tell the story. Women have made only slight inroads into controlling media and public discourse. Part of the reason is tbe active resistance men put forth to keep it that way. When Dan Rather made his "dumb it down, tart it up" comment, ostensibly about Katie Couric's stint on the evening news, the only thing surprising about the incident was Rush Limbaugh's accusing him of sexism. Limbaugh, meanwhile, as pointed out by A.D.S. at Media Matters.org, often bemoans the "chickification" of the news, citing the numbers of women who have "overmn" the jobs of producers and anchors on the news shows. Let's cbeck out some of tbese "overrun" media professions, shall we?


83 0

% are wbite men.

% of these male or female hosts are of any other race or ethnicity. A f\% of characters on TV in May 2006 were I V_/women, and they were overwhelmingly white.

Sports Coverage on TV NO NUMBERS: Similar amounts of time were devoted to covering women's and men's sports during the 2006 Olympic Games, but men were covered more during the day. The 2006 Olympics were also the first time in wbich an entire tournament of women's ice hockey was broadcasted. 5 % of the time individual female athletes are the main focus of journal articles. ^ ^ % of tbe time inidividual male athletes are ^ •^the main focus.


Overall in Media % of "behind the news" workers in radio, television and print news combined are women. Radio


% of the time female teams were only focus of such journal articles. O / r % of the time male teams are primary mD v l focus. ' % of ESPN's Sportcenter airtime is devoted to women's sports.

Print News ^ 1 % of new stories subjects are women. '*'^° of those behind the scenes are women. ^ Q .5 % of all copy editors are female.


% of news stories subjects are women.

1 ^ . 3 % of 10,612 radio stations surveyed bad a X •-/ woman as General Manager. Television ^ ^ % of news stories subjects are women.

-3 % of reporters are women. ^ ^ .6 % of news photographers are women.

1 women. ^ % of cable news bosts during prime-time / (between 4 pm and midnight) are wbite women and...

H 1

% of Sunday moming talk show guests are

Male to female byline ratios at well-known print publications include:

14 off our backs vol 37 / no 1

women and media


male to female at the National Review. at Harper s and The Weekly Standard.

7 to 1 2tol 3 to 1

at the Columbia Journalism Review. at The New Yorker and Vanity Pair.

7 11 1 3 0 60

Film % of directors in 2005 were women. % of directors in 2000 were female.

Q Q % of female journalists felt they faced ^ Oobstacles that their male colleagues didn't, such as discrimination in receiving careerenhancing assignments, and discrimination in promotion. Respondents in previous surveys also noted inequality in pay among men and women journalists with similar experience.

r ^ % offilmsreleased in 2005 employed no J7 women directors, executive producers, producers, writers, cinematographers or editors.female filmmakers, in all of academy award history, bave been nominated for best director award(Lina Wertmuller in 1977, Jane Campion in 1994, and Sofia Coppola in 2004) women directors have ever won. % more over 40 leading male actors are hired than over 40 female actors

% of the top 100 movies in 2000 were directed by women.

On the weekend of March 30, 2007, MIT opened the doors of its Stata Center to over 400 attendees of the 4th annual Women, Action and the Media conference. The conference, also known as WAM!, boasted over 85 presenters on a variety of panels, from topics...
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