Women in Islam

Topics: Muhammad, Qur'an, Islam Pages: 4 (1702 words) Published: August 30, 2006
The Women of Islam

Society in western civilization sees Islam's treatment of women as heinous, unfair, and typically cruel. How can one respect a religion and culture that makes their women cover themselves from head to toe in 100 degree weather, walk behind her spouse, enter separate doors of the mosque (if they are even allowed to enter), pray in an closed off area separate from the men, marry complete strangers, and receive little to no education. These few examples and a lot more can surely discourage anyone from even wanting to become a Muslim, especially women. These problems are particularly ironic due to the fact that Islam was the first religion to try to equalize men and women, which is truly hard to believe being that Muslim countries by far treat their women the most unjust. This paper will discuss certain hardships of the women of Islam and further discuss if this is truly a religion that discriminates women and if not where the problem exists. The topics that will be discussed are the problems for women in mosques, and common misinterpretations of rights of Muslim women vs. the laws they actually have.

There is plenty of controversy whether women should be allowed to pray in the same room as men. Men have even taken it as far as banishing women to basements, using barriers like curtains, walls, and partitions, and even banning women from the mosque entirely! With this kind of inequality and preferential treatment one can understand how shocked and amazed that this continues to go on. The questions society ponders about is, is this part of the religion? Is this what the Qu'ran promotes? Are women not good enough to worship in the same room as men? The answer to all three of these questions is no. According to Islam For Today, Yahya M. quotes "The prophet said: If any among your women asks permission to go into the mosque, don't stop her from going" (M, Yahya, Islam For Today, pg1). So with this verse being said one would think that a woman...

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