Women in Infantry

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Women in the Infantry
Today, one of the biggest debates over women’s rights is the one over females being in the infantry. The world is changing and with that comes a lot more responsibility for policy makers, and there is a great debate over women being on the front lines. Women have been in the Military for quite some time, but not in a front line type of role. I can see both sides of the argument; the one that wants people to broaden their views and accept women in the infantry, and the other side that sees at as more of a male type of position. There are many pros and cons to the Military allowing women in combat positions, and I believe that while women should be allowed to have a chance in the infantry, the standards need to be the same whether it is a male or female.

When the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta removed the barriers of women being in the infantry it opened up 237,000 jobs to women. Around 53,000 positions are closed to women by units, such as Brigade Combat Teams in the Army. Panetta said that “if members of the military meet the qualifications for the job- not reduced qualifications- then they should have the right to serve.” The same argument can be made for having gays in the military. I don’t believe that they should be excluded, but I do believe they should have to keep their personal life to themselves. I agree with Panetta’s statement saying that if they are qualified then women should be able to serve. And the Secretary of Defense also stated that if women were allowed in the infantry, it would gain them respect with the men who already serve. When people argue that women can’t carry 80 pounds of gear, fly fighter jets because they can’t handle the g-force, or fight on the front lines with men, I think those people to be uneducated. There are plenty of men who try and join the military who can’t carry the gear, can’t handle g-force, or are too squeamish to fight on the front lines. So if there are women who can make it...
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