Women in India

Topics: Rape, Prostitution, Sexual intercourse Pages: 4 (1590 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Why women are being raped and abused in India?
Throughout women history, women have been fighting for their rights and freedom in America. Eventually, women have accomplished their goal but there are other women, in different countries, who have no knowledge of how to fight for their freedom because they lack education. India is one of those countries; where women are being abuse and rape viciously. India has a high rate of uneducated women who have been raped and cannot fight back. Based on my research, there are two factors that cause women to suffer abuse and rape: education and cultural belief. Traditions taboo women from preforming certain tasks. The only thing they are expected to do is nurture and care for their husbands. A woman who is educated is unlikely to get married because they have the power to fight back and speak up against abuse. Some culture allows men to rape their wife if they refuse to have sex and no form of punishment is given to the husband. My research paper is about rape and abuse of women in India. I began my research at Borough of Manhattan college library as well as Half the Sky book that I read in class. Most of the information is found in the book so I use BMCC library for additional information if needed. Also, my teacher at school assists me with finding information if I have difficulty doing so. Half the sky has been an excellent source of information, providing me with accurate information to my research unfortunately, when I use BMCC library the information I gathered from the internet isn’t useful. I inputted key words from topic like rape in India, abuse in India and India in general. There’s still no information there for me to use. I continue to use the book until I find data that is relevant to my paper. One of the reasons why women are targeted is because they lack education. Women who have education are less likely to be attack because they have a voice to speak up against rape and these are the women who create...
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