Women in Canada During 1930's

Topics: Democracy, Women's suffrage, William Lyon Mackenzie King Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: January 5, 2011
Woman’s Rights (1910-1930) Did they Gained Greater Rights?
Women in Canada between 1910 and 1930 acquired greater equality with men by gaining more educational opportunities, more political clout, and higher paying skilled jobs in the workforce. Women spent many years to gather up the trust so the men would treat them as equal citizens. One specific time that they gained significant roles was the 20th century. During this time the women were more noticed as persons with significant gains. One of the women’s greatest gains was to getting a better education. Women that got the better education usually got a job that had higher pay then the conventional jobs that the women had done. “By 1900, 250 women were enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and affiliated colleges of University of Toronto, 117 at Queen’s University, and 17 at McMaster.”1 The women who were enrolled in arts soon got a better job. These better jobs helped the women get a better job which got them a better standard of living. Better standard living means they have more money to spend on make-up, clothes etc. Other than that, women eventually had enough money to move out, so they can leave their parents have individual lives as regular citizens. With this better education, it helped them during World War II as they were not only serving as nurses. Since these women got a degree, they soon were designing guns for the soldiers to use across the ocean. 1. Cook, McLean, O’Rourke, Framing Our Past p. 160

The women gained better in the political state throughout the 20th century. Women were elected into the members of parliament. Women soon gained the right to vote. But the women were still limited to only white women. Though it was limited to white women, this was a great achievement for the women. This stand point helped many women get into political jobs. As soon as the women got the right to vote, they started voting for women into the political stance. Other than supporting their own sex, men...
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