Women in Black Literature

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Human skin color Pages: 4 (1560 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The role of the black woman in black literature has changed throughout time in several ways. In the past several women in, black literature was perceived as dark, submissive characters, as time progressed, the black female began to evolve into a stronger being. Black woman in Black Literature were many a times against the elements of society. “A Raisin in the Sun” depicts few issues black woman in literature faced throughout time; they faced issues such as skin color within their race of gender (light skinned vs. dark skinned), submissive woman, and gender roles had an impact in their everyday lives. More female characters began to take the role of dominant yet respectable role players throughout black literature earning with them a sense of identity. Inner justice and moral responsibility charged black woman to solidify their position as beings of an impenetrable force to be reckoned with. Woman in literature, established at the forefront, a meaningful desire to reveal the many characteristics of what a black female truly is to the Afro-American family as well as society. At the heart of these great struggles “A Raisin in the Sun” illustrates the distinctiveness of the influential roles of black woman in literature. Black woman empowered themselves in order to generate a community of an encouraging moral and psychological support through trying times, the woman’s movement was well under way through this challenging era. Black women in literature were once perceived as weak, incomprehensible, and obedient towards the fairer sex, the males, which are deemed to be more masculine. Such ideologies never had much restraint to the progressive capabilities of the Afro-American female in black literature, through time we realize that Afro-American women manufactured a great tolerance in the face of oppression and came out victorious. Black woman are strong beings and black literature represents the ups and downs that they endured in order to reach the continuing success...
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