Women in America

Topics: Maya Angelou, Disappointment, Frustration Pages: 2 (832 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Reaching To Nowhere
Eric Hoofer once said “Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy - the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.” Many times in life we end disappointed to the point we see no hope in tomorrow and often view ourselves as failures. Disappointments are tools that God made for us to lead us to our path and make us who we are today. “Graduation” by “ Maya Angelou” teaches us a story of life and how it can be disappointing at times, Angelou uses a diploma as a sign of victory and success but her feeling does not last that long. Maya used in her article many writing strategies to make it clear and effective to her readers, such as Pathos and details which made her article strong. Angelou uses Logos in the beginning of her article, she never states that she is graduating 8th grade. She does that to make sure people won’t drop her text, most cases people do not want to hear a story of an 8th grader who is about to graduate, many of us will ask ourselves what have an 8th grader done so far in her life? Angelou’s essay is about fighting race and destroying boundaries in her community. She also starts her essay with a different story, she is sort of showing us to the bigger image of her life. Angelou also describes her excitement for graduation, to her to her it was like a wedding day for a girl who has been dying to put on her white dress. “Amazingly the great day finally dawned and I was out of bed before I knew it”(72). Angelou is very excited to the point where she is just in a dream. “ I gave myself up to the gentle warmth and thanked God that no matter what evil I had done in my life he had allowed me to live to see to live to see this day”(73). Details are very important. Angelou used plenty of details in her article, which helps the readers have a better understanding and also makes them aware of all of the events that occurred. All the details that Angelou uses makes her article strong, from the moment...
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