Women in Afghanistan

Topics: Afghanistan, Kabul, Taliban Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: December 12, 2010
In the Afghan world today, especially in Kabul, the Taliban government has a strong and terrible influence on everyone living there. The Taliban are a Muslim fundamentalist group that took control over the government from 1996 until 2001. They enforced many unrealistic rules that caused many hardships for men and women. Many countries have stepped in to try bringing peace to Afghanistan. The Taliban had control of over 90% of the population until countries came together to stop them. They now, only control about 54 percent, which is a big difference from earlier on. There is a lot of irreversible damage that has been done, affecting the way the country and the people live today. The entire population of Kabul is in a constant state of traumatisation from the actions of the Taliban. The Taliban have made life a living nightmare for practically all women. Everyone who has not been disturbed by the sickening actions of the Taliban has lost all morals and sense of their Islamic religion. The Taliban have turned the once peaceful land of Kabul, and all Afghanistan, into a perpetual terrorist warzone. The economy in Afghanistan was greatly affected by the Taliban. The rules they created caused many restrictions on jobs and the overall lifestyle of those living in Afghanistan. One of the biggest changes seen in Afghanistan is the effect the Taliban had on the economy. The Taliban have caused the economy to drop drastically and force many people into poverty.

The economy is greatly affected because of the restrictions put on women. They are no longer allowed to be in public, unless they are with a close male relative. This has forced many women to quit their jobs because they do not want to risk being seen alone in public. The punishment for being in public without a male escort could result in many cruel things; beatings, public executions, and other harsh punishments. Before the Taliban, women had many opportunities to gain an education so they were able to support...
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