Women in Advertising

Topics: Gender role, Nudity, Human sexuality Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Yaury 1
Jessica Ovina Yaury
Bodies Revealed / Bradley Lane & Karen Stuhldreher
Essay #1
Today, advertisements use sex appeal to attract the audience’s eyes. As Berger writes in ‘Ways of Seeing’, “Publicity increasingly uses sexuality to sell any product or service” (Berger 144). Men and women are portrayed in provocative poses and shown to the world to sell clothes, shoes, jewelry, and any other kind of apparel. However, women are more exposed than men in a more demeaning way. By showing barely dressed, sylph-like women being objectified by men to satisfy their desire, these three ads I selected emphasize women’s role as sexual objects, conveying that sexual objectification is empowering.

The first Dolce & Gabbana advertisement depicts a scantily clad woman, wearing a tight black dress and a pair of stilettos. She is lying down under a half naked, good-looking man, who is holding her down by her wrists, presumably about to have sex. Around them, there are four other attractive men stand nearby watching, most likely waiting for their turn. Whereas she is not smiling and instead shows a face of weakness, the males all have a serious expression. This ad portrays the woman as a sexual object. It emphasizes that the female power can be achieved through sex and sexual exhibition. Looking at the expression of the women, she doesn’t seem to enjoy being sexualized, but she proudly flaunts her physical features, which are overall sexy and attractive. In other words, Yaury 2

women are told to give pleasure to men and not to take their own sexual desires into consideration. It illustrates sexual objectification as empowering and hence to satisfy men and not themselves. In addition, the advertisement also paints a picture of what the ideal woman should look like. The woman in the ad is clad in tight dress, which is shaped like a bathing suit, hugging her crotch and revealing her long, naked legs. She is tall, extremely slender, and has a long...
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