Women Health Issues

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Women’s Health Issues

Women in today’s society have a lot more power and say in what they can or cannot do. Even though women are becoming much stronger in every way. Women still get abused today. In today’s world it might not be seen as obscene anymore, since more women are being open about it. There are two articles which show how abuse by men can be sometimes overlooked if a woman fights back. In the article “Women's use of Force” and “Adolescent Battered Women” by Nancy Worcestor, she shows the some problems that people don't realize battered women go through.

Women suffer from physical, emotional, sexual and mental abuse. Many women suffer for years without saying a word. For women to go through this on the daily bases is not okay. In “Adolescent Battered Women” a statistic shows that women get battered almost every 15 seconds. In most relationships where women get abused by their partner, is looking to control the woman's life. She will not be able to do things that she was able to do before, like what she wears or who she can be friends with. When this happens the women gets isolated and the situation she is in gets worse and worse. Nancy quotes “ The physical battering was nothing compared to the daily abuse.” Which is most definitely true you can heal from being beaten, but to heal from constant emotional abuse is very hard since it is been put into your head constantly. Not only is it emotional and physical, it is also sexual abuse, which you would usually expect from a stranger, but in most cases it is their partner who will rape the women just to have that control over them. There is also not only male abusers but also female abusers in lesbian

relationships. The violence in lesbian relationships is practically the same they want control of the other person.
Some teenagers get into relationships that they assume are wonderful. After some time passes they realize that it’s not how it was. You see the real side of the person and once that...
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