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Topics: World War I, Weimar Republic, Weimar culture Pages: 2 (876 words) Published: March 31, 2015
Essay Question:

“It is evident through an exploration of the perspectives presented in Metropolis that Lang’s purpose, values, perspective and context have shaped these perspectives in order to convey key messages.”

Evaluate how one key idea is evident through the perspectives represented, and how context, values and perspective have shaped this idea.

Idea: Representation of women in a conformist culture.
Message: Women should be respected in society and to do so they should be virtuous and maternal. Context: post WW1; elevated social status due to WW1; sexualised concept of women (sexual revolution) Perspectives: Audience is prompted to view Maria as the “perfect woman” and positioned to see the False Maria as the “false view on feminism”. Freder, Ringmaster, Worker’s, Upper-class citizens. Values: Traditional approach to women in society; challenging men’s views on women and reflecting hardships post WW1. Lang’s perspective: the image of a “perfect woman” – the Virgin Mary, Madonna-like against the false views of feminism.

The image of a “perfect woman”
Traditional approach to women in society.
Challenges audiences views of women in society.
False views on feminism
Sexualised concept of women
Elevated social status of women

At the end of the First World War a feeling of resentment and mistrust characterised the political environment of the Weimar Republic leading to the fractured paradigm on the idea of a “perfect woman.” The representation of women in a conformist culture challenges and reflects modern time perspectives on women in society. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis explores the notion of women in society as they bore the brunt of societies expectations for the future stability and health of the German nation and whether they were just an object of sexual desire which deprived them from their identity.

The image of the “perfect woman” is explored through a change in perspective from the audience and character’s in the tory. German...
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