Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

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Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE
If it was possible to characterize the modern UAE in one word, that word would undoubtedly be "entrepreneurship", and the status of women entrepreneurs plays an interesting role here. INTRODUCTION

Since the founding of the country in 1971, support for entrepreneurship is a key element of virtually all government initiatives, contributing to the further strengthening of the economy and society. Beginning with the introduction of the 70 years of federal policy that encourages people to open their own business (even if they are public servants), which formed the basis of the modern economy, the state continues to develop throughout the program, aimed at streamlining regulation and reducing the requirements for conducting commercial activities, and Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE takes a significant place in UAE. I. The development of women's entrepreneurship in recent years Arab countries always were patriarchal. The spread of Islam has made man dominant in all aspects of life. Historically, the role of women in family relations in the culture of the Middle East has been the traditional and rooted in traditions that originate from Islam. Even today, most of the Arab countries are adamant in their foundations, especially when it comes to equal rights with men to women. UAE has become one of the first countries in the region, that takes measures to encourage the development of women's entrepreneurship through a variety of programs aimed at both strengthening the rights of women, and the opportunities for them to market business. The number of women in the UAE, enrollment in higher education has exceeded the number of men seeking higher education. The women entrepreneurs are mostly young, well educated. Both private companies and government agencies hire women who are citizens of the United Arab Emirates, occupy a variety of senior positions, indicating the recognition of the importance of women's role in the business life...

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