Women Empowerment Speech

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Women Empowerment – The buzz word in our country, there is hardly any politician’s speech without using this word, there is a huge hue and cry regarding the same in most of the parliamentary sessions, every movie, every television show is talking about it and so are the advertisement agencies. Nobody wants to stay behind in bringing up this notion. They don’t miss on any chance to capture the attention. One woman’s day I got up feeling every bit the way a woman feels on Women's day, USUAL. And then came in the newspapers and pamphlets, PINK, CURVY "Happy Women's Day" wishes shining in midst of flowers and butterflies and a silhouette of a curvy, doe eyed lady. All this was so 'feminine' that I actually noticed the dullness of my eyes and, my...

Turns out, all that I could want as a woman are things which will make me look more and more doll like. Because of which a prince charming will come along with all the Botox vouchers they offer and the solitaire ring they have so kindly offered at discounted rates, and sweep me off my feet and take me with him, in HIS car, where I will make HIS house a home by buying those electronics with HIS money which will make my work easier and take care of kids who will bear HIS name.

My straight response to those offers to help “empower” women is a NO. I am not interested in buying clothes which will cost half of my salary. I do not wear makeup. I stumbled whenever I attempted to walk with heels, therefore I can count on one hand the number of times I have donned them. I am the one who made the parlour lady nervous with her shouts when she plucked my eyebrows for the first (and therefore, last) time, so I am not flattered with those offers.

Now, to the men who want to celebrate the spirit of this day, and try gifting those things to women around them. There is nothing in it for any one of us women. The beauty trend is only there because we are supposed to be up to the beauty standards set up by you. I am not sexy. I don't want to be sexy. And don't you dare ask me to look...

No, it doesn’t mean checking them out with your son. I mean, talk about consent and its importance. Give him some morals before giving the women around you that expensive dress. No Chauvinist is cool. One chauvinist comment can infuriate and hurt the woman enough to make her kill you. And then no amount of flowers will make her forgive you. So, save your money and breathe both by telling your brain to be quiet. Keep your hands to yourself. You don't want your eye punctured by the same killer heels you gifted her. Respect her independence. Accept that she is free to make choices without asking you. Butting in her personal life and commanding her will only throw you out of her personal life. Don’t keep quiet when you see her being harassed. Your Adam's apple won't slide down to your gut if you stand up to another man for a...
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