Women Empowerment

Topics: Human rights, United Nations, Rights Pages: 2 (377 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Essay 1: How should women empower themselves amidst social and political constraints.​

Since long, women in India have been denied their basic human rights and assigned a role secondary to men in all spheres of life. While in West,in the last century or so , the conditions and mindset have changed to a great extent ,but in India ,still the conditions have not improved much. The reasons being that this present mindset is deeply entrenched in our culture and forms our core beliefs and that many women have accepted their present conditions and do not realize their rightful place.

If this has to be changed,it is women only who will have a major role to play in bringing about a transformation in their lives. Women Help-groups at the most basic level have to take up the challenge. It is a place where a women can freely discuss her problems and be rightfully guided by her fellows. Educating women at the meetings about their rights, specially reproductive, and why they deserve equal place, would do a great deal to further their place in the society and provide immense boost to their self-esteem. An educated women who rightfully asserts herself in matters of her life and her family's, would lead to a change in society's views and prompt many others to follow.

Responsibly also rests on the women holding places of power and who signify independence. They should encourage women to take steps which would lead to their financial independence. Providing capital and expertise for the start ups by women would be a significant step. Women holding places in policy making , be it at the state or national level, should bring the most common problems women face in national discourse and push for laws which provide an enabling environment.

Women at homes as mothers and at schools as teachers , should sensitize and teach children about gender equality and its importance. This may not produce immediate results but the long term implications are too significant to be ignored...
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