Women at Work

Topics: Gender, Business, Small business Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: August 18, 2005
Women at Work

Throughout the 20th century women have had to fight harder to get ahead in the male owned workplace. With obstacles such as discrimination, lower wages, and the lack of management positions how are women competing with men? Are women accepting the treatment from society or is this the way it should be. No way! That is why women are fighting back.

In today's society women are as active as they have ever been in our workforce. In recent studies (Sociology Text Book) women have taken to the forefront in starting there own businesses yet they lag far behind there male counterparts in positions of corporate management. The Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor lists the 20 leading occupations of employed women. Of these occupations which include teachers, nurses, and secretaries women outnumber men by more than 80 percent. Some of the other occupations that women perform more than men include retail sales clerks, customer service representatives, and office clerks. Women and men traditionally have worked in different specific occupations within the professional occupational category, a pattern that continued in 2005. For example, women were less likely than men to be employed in some of the highest-paying occupations, such as engineers and mathematical and computer scientists. Instead, women were more likely to work in lower paying professional occupations, such as teachers. Women have been know as the care givers in our society and that may be why women often find it difficult to change job fields and pursue management type positions. Women continue to face various obstacles during their daily attempts to succeed in the workplace. In recent years, the numbers of sexual discrimination cases have continued to increase. Besides discrimination, women also seem to be finding it more difficult to earn the respect of men and even sometimes women once they become a member of management. Women have bonded together to form various groups and...
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