Women at Work

Topics: Employment, Household income in the United States, Labor Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Assignment: Article summary

The article "Family Coping Strategies: Balancing Paid Employment and Domestic Labour" by Meg Luxton sheds a different view on the responsibilities laid out in family life. In today's society it's almost a necessity to have both parents working, to support a family. This fact, along with the improvement of females having independence, is the cause of the ever growing number of working women. These, along with many other statistics are showing the rapid improvement and change that woman and families are showing. Year after year we can see the dynamics of the family shifting. It is not the same anymore, that women are the housewives doing all the housework and childcare. However women still have to work to get the equality, and not have to face "The second shift" once they get home. Husbands need to start stepping up and help out. Workplaces too need to step up, in the sense that they need to try and create better working environments for women. Unions have been formed to try to perfect benefits, and to shed light on the negative aspects they may have. This whole article shows an interesting view on family coping strategies, and gives lots for people to think about. Society's gender roles are changing significantly with the rise in the amount of women who are contributing to the yearly income of their household's. It has been proven that because women are starting to contribute to household incomes it has resulted in increased satisfaction between husbands and wives and excuses from males such as “I'm the one bringing home the money, I deserve to rest when I get home” are becoming less valid. A statistics Canada survey in 1995 stated that 64% of women who worked said it was essential for their happiness and 55% agreed that it was the best way to be independent. Females at work who are married no longer have to depend on their husbands for their needs because they are able to provide them on their own. Unlike the many women who stay...
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