Women as Warriors

Topics: Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John McCain Pages: 2 (730 words) Published: March 22, 2014
“Women as warriors in today’s world”

When mentioning the word “warrior”, I believe first thing that pops into many people’s mind is the image of men than of women and it is not a surprise that many have created imagery like that. It might be because we were taught to believe that in our culture; as it was instilled into the idea that infiltrate intimately since primeval times. It even became a deep-rooted belief that only men can be warriors or it may be because nature has created men to have the advantage of physiologically superior strength that causes many men as arrogant and see themselves as superior to women. But is it true that men are superior to women when it comes to leadership qualifications?

In the era where humans began to build and expand their kingdom, which is the era that places the use of force as the highest, human beings have the need to fight or face war. It is undeniable that society at the time needs leaders with courage, resolute character, brave, and make bold decisions. That is where men take their rightful place as leaders in the front line. But in a society that is filled with chaos, complexity and conflict such as the present, we need leaders who can lead the world in peace – ones who understand the concept of compromise and capable of mediation in conflict situations. I think that women are more fit to this society than men. This is because women are gentle, have better instinct, are more tactful, and are more generous than men. However, this is not saying that every woman can be a good leader - that would be up to the individual as a person as well.

In a society where technology and communication makes the world seem smaller, everything happens extremely quickly and energetically. For instance if we were to imagine that we are each leaders from every countries in strategic planning, there is no doubt that the world will fail because technology is being used for destruction without any second thought and not to mention a...
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