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Women Are Better Parents Than Men

By nyaronyo Mar 29, 2011 454 Words
Both mothers and fathers contribute to their full extent and provide us with utmost facilities. The try to give their children with best clothes to wear , provide good foods to eat etc , so that their children get proper development. All that parents earn is for their children so that they can have settled life . They provide their children with best possible education so that their children can stand on their own and compete in the world later on . Most of the fathers do jobs so that they best earn for their children and provide their families with a happy life. The fathers usually become the role models for their children . Meanwhile , the mother take full care of their children and teaches them manners of how to live . The both parents are the best teacher for any child . Both parties have their important role as parents , and an ideal child is one that gets the support of both .However , now the question arises that who is better between the two ?Whom do the children love the most. The mothers are one those who give birth to a child and suffer the pain during the early nourishment of a child . Most of the working women , when turns into a mother , have to sacrifice jobs , earnings etc . The mothers are more nurturing by birth . Every wife has a dream to become a mother ,so that she can give her love and care that God has gifted to her . It is by-nature that mothers are more loving and close towards their children than fathers .It doesn 't mean that fathers are not close to their children , but the feeling that a mother is gifted , cannot be matched by the fathers .Women also stay with their children more than men because men tend to be busy working.Most women are usually at home with their children, This provide children someone to be close to and who understands you. Once a women becomes a mother , she leaves her everything and her main goal is to give the child best care . The best time for a mother is to spend with their children . The mothers are by-nature more emotionally to their children . The mothers do everything for their children without complaining to anyone . Such as she cleans off all the mess of their children and feeds them.Due to psychological perspective, is that children are more important to their mothers than to their fathers. So at the end if you reflect on the facts and how the society think of it always goes to the women side.The children are more into their mother than father because of the treatment, love and care they get from their mother.

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