Women and Shopping

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Women and Shopping

Everyone knows, women are fond of shopping. No matter young single ladies or married mothers, Asian women or European girls. Middle-aged women, single and married, usually go for a high-class afternoon tea on a particular day. Just like what we often see in films, they will only complain about their boyfriends or husbands not giving enough money to them, do not allow them to buy which bag…only complaints about money. Women only know how to spend money. When women talk about shopping, their eyes sparkle, while men’s dimmed. Shopping is the whole. Women who are more civilized, know things about stocks and politics rather than fashion; some only know which brand has released its latest bag. But more or less, shopping becomes the most important thing for women to aspire.

Women like to compare their clothing, accessories and bags, etc. especially in offices. Vanity is one of the biggest difference between men and women. Women compete with each other just because of vanity. They want to show off their good boyfriends or just like to tell people that they have a sharp sense of fashion. It’s like that women are born for clothes, bags, accessories and shoes. But we cannot see men competing with each other about clothes. They may only compare their girlfriends’ beauty.

Beauty is one of the most important lesson for women to learn about. Every season they spend lots of money on buying cosmetics, clothes, shoes etc. They move with the times. They also spend money on changing hair style. They want to give a new and fresh appearance to others. As fashion is always ‘fashionable’ among women, they have to keep updating themselves. This wave will never die away. They earn more, they spend more. There’s a phrase meaning ’ To own beauty, To lose life’ for women. They have to keep fit all the times in order to wear trendy clothes; they endure pain when they wear high-heel shoes. They chase for beauty, for at least half of their lives.

Women are always...
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