Women and Politics in Venezuela

Topics: Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, President of the United States Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: April 2, 2005
Women and Politics in Venezuela

Women in every country all over the world are discriminated against when it comes to politics. There are many reasons for this discrimination and most of the reasons are a result of men being in control. Politicians are "supposed" to aggressive and argumentative. Some men and women do not see women as having these qualities but instead have the qualities of nurture and compromise. Time is a barrier for women because they do not have the time to participate in politics. The women use their time to do housework, take care of children and probably have a full time job. Politics and running for any kind of office takes money and as a generality women do not have most of the money. Religion is a big impact on whether women are allowed in politics are not. In most religions, women are seen as beneath men. These religions cross over into political and social life, hindering the chance of women to participate in politics. In Venezuela, the women have a hard time being in politics for the same reasons.

The highest office that can be obtained in Venezuela is the presidency. "The president is elected by a plurality vote with direct and universal suffrage. The term of office is 6 years, and a president may be re-elected to a single consecutive term. The

president appoints the vice president. He decides the size and composition of the cabinet and makes appointments to it with the involvement of the National Assembly. The Constitutuion of Venezuela also allows for three additional branches of the federal government--the judicial, citizen, and electoral branches." (Politics of Venezuela)

"The judicial branch is headed by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice. The justices are appointed by the National Assembly and serve 12-year terms. The judicial branch also consists of lower courts, including district courts, municipal courts, and courts of first instance. " (Politics of Venezuela)

"The citizens branch consists of three...
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