Women and Love

Topics: Woman, Mind, Aerosmith / Pages: 5 (1231 words) / Published: Oct 14th, 2008
What We Do for Love
“Rapunzel’s life turned around the day a prince climbed up her hair and into her stairless tower” (Weitz). Rose Weitz talk of things women do for love, and believe it or not, hair is actually a big factor in how women live their lives. When I first started reading this I thought how bizarre this was, and how on earth do women use their hair to get what they want. Then I just realized, before I even sat down to start reading this essay, my boyfriend was in the room. Funny thing is I was playing with my hair deciding what would look cute to him while I do my homework. My hair is finally starting to grow longer so I wore it down and straight to accentuate it. After twenty minutes of playing around with my hair, to his interest, my boyfriend did not even notice me, that is when I thought to myself, what a waste. Then of course I sat down and started reading this essay without any knowledge of what it would be based off of, that is when I felt like a complete fool. Was I really just categorized as a woman who is so superficial about her hair that she gets through life by how her hair is perceived? All I could hope was that I was doing it in a sort of unconscious way. As I started reading more and more Weitz talked specifically of the concept conscious and unconscious ways women use their hair to get what they want. “Whether conscious or unconscious, hair flipping works. In a world that expects women to speak in a low tone, keep eyes down, and sit quietly with legs together and elbows tucked in, the hair flip says, ‘look at me’!” (Weitz). This struck me so hard; this whole concept of hair flipping and even coloring, styling, and length can really impact women’s live that much, and to know that people study us and classify us into such a category I really do not know what to think of that. Everything that Weitz talks of surprises me so much because it is in fact all true. As a woman I know this and actually realize that it does

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