Women's Struggle in Finding Happiness

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Adam is the first man that God created. He was created alone. One day, he ask for a companion from God and God create Eve for him. This first evidence in human history clearly shows how man and women are created to be together. They can firm their partner and found their happiness. Women are suppose to been loved by men and so do men. However, in today's life, lot of problems between couples makes their hate each other. When it comes into a fight, women suffer more from a broken heart than what men will (Ezinearticles). As in Memoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden and Persuasions by Jane Austen portrays woman's experience in handling love problem in their life. The messages that both authors trying to presented to the reader might not clearly seen. However, by looking at it through feminism lenses, reader can understand it better. From feminist lens, main characters, Sayuri and Anne shows woman are struggled to defend themselves from bad guys. Not just that, these women having a hard time in their love relationship when facing with man egos. But, all people deserve a happy life. Both novels show that they find their happiness after manage to get together with their beloved. So, by using feminism perspective lenses, the works argue that woman must struggle to find happiness and that the happiness is to be married to a good man.

Women were struggling to defend themselves from bad guy. The situations occur to all women in the world. What special about women are, God give they a soft-heart. According to dictionary, soft hearted is a very sympathetic or responsive; generous in spirit: a soft-hearted judge (dictionary.refence). They feel emotion reaction better compare to men. When it comes about facing the bad guy, they do not just have to face it physically, but they also have to deal with their emotion. Perhaps different class of women portrays different type of challenges. Just like Sayuri who lives as a Geisha, she has to face bad guys that trying to take advantage on her every day. It shown clearly in Sayuri's “moment of panic” (Golden 304). It happens when Baron was trying to undress her. She protect herself by “trying to stop him with my hands, but he pushed them away and finally succeeded in removing my obijime,” (Golden 304). Although she knows that she can't fight man's strength, she just does her best to save her dignity. This shows she is physically distracted by man. Compare to Anne who lives in first class people in late 18th, she is prohibited to show any physical unlikeness toward men. Women in that century were force to show politeness and being as elegant that they can be. That is why Anne face emotion challenge more compares to Sayuri. She is forced to marry her cousin, Mr. Elliot who is “a man without heart or conscience; a designing, a wary, cold-blooded being, who thinks only himself...” (Austen 198). Not just that, Mr. Elliot plan to marry her just because he included in the plan of “designing a match between the heir and the young lady” (Austen 200). This plan will ensure that he will become the heir of the wealthiest of his generation as long as he get married to Anne. Anne was stuck between her love and her family choices. In her case, her emotion's struggling in finding the solution to reveal Mr. Elliot's plan portray women perseverance. Situation keep forcing her to forget her love but she however, manage to save her life from being married to Mr. Elliot.

Both cases show women handling their problem with men in physically and emotionally. It just that Sayuri's physically challenge is bigger compare to Anne while Anne faces emotionally problem more than Sayuri. However, some women were force to face the hardest thing which they are struggling in both sides. In the movie Tamara, Tamara, which a shy and "unattractive" but intelligent girl, likes witchcraft and has a crush on Bill Natolly, her handsome English teacher. When an unflattering article she writes about the school's athletes is...

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