Women's Magazines

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Magazine Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: November 29, 2005
Women's Magazines
The book Women's Magazines 1940-1960 gives us a good image into what the daily life of women in these era's was like. Their were hero's like Rosie the Riveter, that told you to be pretty, but strong. Then there was the ideal women who was a perfect entertainer and always dressed accordingly. The magazines were also littered with what would today be considered offensive advertisements for items like vacuums and panty hose. The magazines primarily advertised domestic goods and were a way of oppressing women without their being aware of it. Most magazines were run and edited by men who decided what should be written and what advertisements should be used. The deepest issue they get into is that of war, and whether or not America should become involved. But this issue is quickly put to the side when more important things like how to wear your uniform or make your husband more successful.

In an article from Ladies Home Journal titled "Women and War," the author audaciously says, "I believe that the whole question of war and peace is a women's question, and we can decide it as we will. If the thirty-seven million women of the United States should will not to go to war on a particular occasion, there should be no war." (p 31) This would be very motivating for women, to assign that much power to them, if the author did not finish up her thought with, "since not all of us are given to thought."

Many articles focus on how to be a good wife. One gave suggestions to women on how she could please her husband. Before her husband came home from work, she was expected to have dinner ready and on the table. She was also anticipated to prepare herself by putting make up on, doing her hair, anything that could make her look refreshed upon his arrival. Not only was she to pamper herself, but she was supposed to pamper her children, whether it be giving them a bath or changing their clothes. Since she was a housewife, she was to insure the house was...
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