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Woman, the very creation of God that makes living beautiful is often at the receiving end of trauma. In 2009 rape cases have reached 2,497, domestic violence has crossed the 10,000 mark. Around 2.8 million social workers have been employed by the government to reach into villages across the country, to make women aware of their rights. But, much to the surprise women are not even aware that they have any rights in a man’s world. Significant numbers of the world's population are routinely subject to torture, starvation, terrorism, humiliation, and even murder simply because they are female. It is generally known that women are disproportionally affected by the social and economic factors such as poverty, gender biased, unemployment, inequality, oppressive social structure and son preference. Violence against women cuts across race, religion, income, class, culture and age. It is not confined to a particular political or economic system, but pervades every society in the world, so much so, that millions of women consider it a way of life. To this purpose the National Commission for Women is set up for protecting women. Besides this there are Commissions set up in each state of the country to protect and uplift women This paper would be dealing with the three different origins of human rights violation i.e. the role of State, Selfishness and Culture in Human rights violation. The paper will also analyze how the weaker sex of the society is being affected. Many violations of women's human rights are distinctly connected to being female, which is women are discriminated against and abused on the basis of gender. This paper would answers why women's rights and human rights should be viewed as distinct, looks at the policies, their causes and discusses its different views and perspective and implication of the same.


The expression human right is of recent origin. It has largely evolved as a western concept and got International accreditation and recognition in the late 18th century. The philosophy “Every man has a right to dignity” was advocated in the US Declaration of independence in 1776.1 Human rights, thus, refer to the “basic rights to freedoms to which all humans are entitled. In the Social Engineering Theory, Rosco Pound emphasized upon the concept of ‘balancing of interests’ in which says, “the structure of public, social and individual interests are all, in fact, individual interests looked at from different points of view for the purpose of clarity and therefore, in order to make the system work properly, it is essential that when interests are balanced, all claims must be translated into the same level and carefully. What he meant by ‘balancing of interest’ was that every member of the society have their own importance and shall be considered in maintaining the order of the society. But, significant numbers of the world's population are routinely subject to torture, starvation, terrorism, humiliation, and even murder simply because they are female. Regardless of nationality, culture, religion and social standing, women are discriminated against, subjected to violence, tortured and, in the most extreme cases, executed by their own fathers, sons, brothers and husbands. Human rights violations against women are universal. A large number of the world's women are victims of male violence. Violence against women is a characteristic...

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