Women’s History in America

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Chapter I : Women’s History of America ………………………….1

Chapter II : In Modern Women’s Movement ………………………4

Chapter III : Women In Reform Movement …………………………6

Chapter IV : Fighting The Vote ………………………………………8

Chapter V : Women’s Liberation Through Islam ………………….9


Throughout most of history women generally have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men. They have made great strides in achieving political equality. Women were long considered naturally weaker than men, squeamish, and unable to perform work requiring muscular or intellectual development. In most preindustrial societies, for example, domestic chores were relegated to women, leaving "heavier" labor such as hunting and plowing to men. But physiological tests now suggest that women have a greater tolerance for pain, and statistics reveal that women live longer and are more resistant to many diseases. Women’s Liberation

The phrase “Women’s Liberation” was first used in the united states in 1964 and first appeared in print in 1966. By 1968, although the term Women’s Liberation Front Appeared in the magazine Ramparts, it was starting the whole women’s movement. Gloria Jane Watkins, an African American woman who one of the most vocal critics of the women’s liberation movement argue that this movement glossed over race and class and thus failed to address” the issue that divided women”. Gloria highlighted the lack of minority voices in the women’s movement in her book entitiled Feminist Theory From Margin To Center in 1984.

THE PROPORTION OF WOMAN WORKING FOR WAGES HAD RISEN DECADE BY DECADE * 1870s the capitalist had a need to expand the work force and women were especially desirable workers. * 1945s at the end World War II, women were pushed out of heavy industry * By 1950s, 36% of all women were working

* By 1960s, 42% for women of all social classes, this movement into paid work changed their social circumtancs in numerous ways. DISCRIMANTION PROBLEMS
* At work, women were treated as sexual objects.
* Women received less pay then men did.
* Housework became a second shift of unpaid labor to perform after a hard day on the job. THE SECOND SHIFT (in the kitchen)
* In 1950s women most likely had prepared the foods from raw product and cooked by wood or coal stoves. * At beginning this century, women prepared foods first canning and eventually freezing in refrigerator, it simplified women’s work.

* In the decades before women worked for wages, there had been almost no escape for the woman who found her marriage intolerable. But in this decade the more divorce gradually become easier to obtain. * All of this reinforced a tendency toward a lowered birth rate. Even if the average number o children per married woman increased to three during the ‘50s, nonetheless, overall family size as down.


* Abortion laws were already liberalized in some states to permit hospital abortion to safeguard the mental health of the mother. * Before the second half of the 19th century, abortion had been illegal outside the hospitals, which were mainly use by middle and upper class. IN FAMILY ROLE

* To struggle as a family to survive.
* To protect and support mother and children until children become mature and independent adults capable of providing for themselves. * To provide a good standard of living and a high quality of life. * To serve the interest of , and to support, each member of the family. WITHIN THE LAWS

* women were were exploited just like men workers, and had the added burden of the discrimination she faces as a woman. * The feminist idea that women should expand their hours of paid labors as a way to their liberation wound up in capitalist society meaning a substantial increase in the...
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