Women's Fashion of the 1920's : the Flapper

Topics: 1920s, Flapper, Woman Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Fashion for women in the 1920’s
She sits lazily draped over a bar stool, casually swaying to the persuasive rhythm of West End Blues. She effortlessly pulls on the cigarette in her hand, deeply inhaling the smoke and allowing it to slowly escape her deep crimson lips, a hazy atmosphere enclosing her. Men cannot resist her whilst women whisper in hushed tones about the inappropriate length of her dress. She sighs, tucking her cropped hair behind her ears. She is the modern women- independent and exuberating style and luxury. Scandalous and spontaneous. She is the 1920’s flapper. Whilst performing research on women’s fashion in the 1920’s, I became well acquainted with the “modern woman” of the day, the flapper. My fascination and admiration of this fierce new breed of woman only grew stronger the more I poured over books, web articles and photos. The flapper was not only elegant and lavishly dressed in beautiful clothing, but also the attraction of every party, instantly drawing others in with her effortless charm and spontaneous attitude. The more I learn, the more I desperately long to be a part of this spectacular group of women. I am sure many women in the 1920’s expressed this same longing, and that is why the flapper style became wildly popular in America and Europe during the twenties. “Flirty flappers dressed in helmet shaped cloche hats and low- waisted dresses breaking into the Charleston” is the most popular image thought of when thinking of young women in the 1920’s. But the very short silhouette only belongs to the second half of the twenties, where it was made famous by well-known women of the decade. Just as with fashion trends set in the present day- movie stars, socialites and “its” girls were greatly responsible for creating this “image” of the modern woman, causing it to spread like wild fire amongst the younger generations of women. They may not have achieved world peace, but these famous personalities influenced one of the greatest fashion...
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