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Christina Khem
Live Performance Review: The Wombats
The Wombats are an alternative rock band hailing from Liverpool, England. They played a gig here in Chicago at Park West venue back in mid September. From the delicately soothing and fun beginning of “Our Perfect Disease,” Matthew Murphy's vocals crawls into your head and whispers from a world of honesty most bands take considerable years to find. The Wombats word choice and vocal delivery roars with such raw and beautiful emotion that absorbs you in. This show was a show worthwhile. First, the venue was awesome, it was really intimate and allowed you to feel like you were right there in stage with the band. Security did it's job and was professional, and the venue had a great atmosphere. Usually at Park West, it tends to be fairly easy to find your way to the front, but this show, was quite impossible. In order to be up close, you had to be there really early. Also, knowing that the band is huge in Europe, I could not pass up the chance to see them live. One of the best parts overall, was the ticket price which was only nine dollars!
The opening acts, Morning Parade and The Royal Concept were really good too, one of the best warm up bands I havve seen at a show like this. The Wombats really fed off the crowd's energy and seem absolutely, extremely stoked to be there. Most of the crowd was singing along throughout the concert and you could see in the band's grins that they had not been expecting this and were pumped to see the crowd so into it. Mosh pits and crowd surfings have started during the show, which does not really happen at an indie rock concert, but does anyway. It was one of the greatest experiences I had at a show.
Audio and sound did not have one single difficulty. The band threw their talent out and are exceptionally great live performers. It is honestly depressing now listening to their albums because of how great they are live. Not only did they play nearly every song off of

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