Womb renting in India

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SUBJECT: Surrogacy in India: Not everything is good.

The purpose of this report is to present the findings of a survey carried out to determine positive and negative opinions about the recent outsourcing of surrogacy womb from United States to India. Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a  woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person. This is something that a large proporción of the population knows. Positive Aspects

To begin with 88% of the people interviewed states that; a great part of Americans who are unable to conceive or to adopt and have tried for years to have a child unsuccessfully are able to have a baby (in their majority); furthermore we have a good amount of childless couples that compares the cost in their country with that in India and notice that in India it can be done for just $10,000 to $12,000, instead of $60.000. Negative Aspects

In contrast to the matter above, the surrogacy of the womb rent in India is heavily questioned for at least 78% of the Americans interviewed; because of the think that they are exploiting India as the only outsourcing place where the surrogacy is possible. What is more, four of ten interviewed thinks that the surrogate mother services are exploited by the agents who earn a considerable amount for his mediation and another huge amount for his great service ( from the childless couple). It is also well known for the general public that the surrogate mother is paid less than it would be paid if this situation were happening in America. Conclusion

On the basis of the findings above, it would seem that womb renting in India has become a ‘commercial surrogacy’. In which a large percentage of people in the United States does not agree with the outsourcing of this service to India mainly because of the meager remunerations that the surrogate mother receives. 
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