Womanist Theology

Topics: African American, Black people, Afro-Latin American Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Jaterica Shotwell
May 5, 2012
Final Paper
Womanist Theology
Womanist theologians see the “Female Christ” as themselves. They see Christ as an African American female, because Christ was oppressed the most just like African American women. The ideology of a womanist is for them to have equality. They want their voice to be heard. They do not want to be the doormat or the surrogate because Christ was the surrogate for them. He died for their sins so they did not have to. As black women, having their voice heard is very important. They want the world to know how hard they struggle and the difficulties they deal with. They want to feel like they are important. As stated in the first paragraph, they do not want to be like Hagar, Abraham and Sarah’s surrogate. Christ is their liberator. They see Christ as a reflection in the mirror. According to Alice Walker, a womanist is a woman who loves herself and other women sexually and/or non- sexually. Being a womanist includes homosexuality, fluid sexuality. This is critical of heteronormativity. Womanist are strong black women. As I look at the picture of the “Female Christ”, I see it as the woman’s view of all the sacrifices they have had. I also see it as a woman being strong and enduring all the things she had to deal with through out her lifetime. Christ is a woman’s reflection in the mirror. Christ is their liberator. Christ is strong just like black women/ he was oppressed and left in the shadows like black women. In conclusion, the image of the “Female Christ” is plain and simple but complex at the same time. It symbolizes the struggles of a black woman but also their beauty and strength. They see Christ as themselves, oppressed. They want their voice to be heard loud and clear. They do not want to be the shadows of the background. They want to be seen as the leader.
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