Woman's Role in Germany during World War 2

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IB 20th Century World History- Weeks 7-10
Background Information
President Roosevelt heavily supported a declaration of war with Germany to preserve the European balance of power. Wilson aimed towards American isolationism
Wilsonian Idealism
World War I 1914-1919
World War II 1939-1945
The Treaty of Versailles
“The Big Three”- Clemenceau of France, Woodrow Wilson of the United States of America, and David Lloyd George of England, along with Orlando of Italy Reduction of national armaments
Removal of trade barriers
Impartial settlement of colonial settlements
Polish port city derived from Germanic lands –i.e. Creation of Danzig Quarter- Article 231, War Guilt Clause Signed in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles on June 28th, 1919 Germanic Situation

Germanic Territorial Changes- Alsace-Lorraine given to France, Eupen and Malmedy given to Belgium. Northern Schleswig given to Denmark, Hultschin given to Czechoslovakia, West Prussia, Posen and Upper Silesia given to Poland, The Saar, Danzig, and Memel are put under the League of Nations, alongside oversea colonies, Germany returns Russian territory taken during the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, creating Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, in which some is given to Poland Military Restrictions- German army reduced to 100,000, banning of tanks, heavy artillery, military aircraft, battleships, submarines, and limited to 6 battleships, though aircraft carriers are left maintainable Economic Sanctions- Loss of Ruhr industries and Saar and Upper Silesia Coal, “blank check”, Germany forbidden to unite with Austria Austria-Hungarian Situation

Under the Treaties of Germain and Trianon, a reduction of military capability, war reparations, and the division of both states culminated into the loss of territory, which was partitioned to Czechoslovakia, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Yugoslavia TurkeyUnder the Treaty of Sevres, the Turkish Straits are placed under the League of Nations; this is partially fueled by the ANZACS’ losses of Gallipoli Anatolian and Armenian genocides lead to the Greco-Turkish war1922- Turkey relinquished of occupation Turkish lands in Arabia are made into a mandate ruled by the British and French Rise of National SocialismApril 14, 1917- Government announces reduction in bread rations April 15, 1917- 200,000 Socialists and Communists stage a major strike in Germany October 7 to November 3, 1918- Naval Mutinies

November 4, 1918- Sailors and Workers Councils declare general strikes November 8, 1918- All 22 of Germany’s lesser kings, princes, grand dukes, and ruling dukes have been disposed of; Kaiser Wilhelm is forced to abdicate, though Prince Max formally announces the abdication beforehand November 11, 1918- First World War ends

December 1918- First Freikorps unit formed
December 23, 1918- Lt. Dorrenbach with the Volksmarine Division declares government under arrest, surround chancellery and occupy phone exchange January 1919- Independent Socialists and Spartacusbund stage large protests in which sections of Berlin are seized: “Free Worker’s Committee for a fair peace” renamed German Workers Party January 10, 1919, Battle of Berlin begins Berlin begins

January 1919- Bremen seized Government moved to the city of Weimer February 6, 1919- Fritz Ebert opens the Reichstag in Weimer, Germany March 3 to March 10, 1919- Second Battle for Berlin; Berlin seized by Communists April 6 to April 7, 1919- Bavaria declared a Soviet Republic April 14 to 18, 1919- Freikorps suppress Communists in Dresden and Brunswick April 27, 1919- Battle for Munich between Communists and Freikorps units April 29, 1919- German representatives arrive in Paris

May 2, 1919- City of Munich taken
May 6, 1919- City of Munich declared secure with approximately 1200 Communists causalities May 10, 1919- Freikorps suppress communists in Leipzig
June 22, 1919- German Reichstag ratify the Versailles Treaty June 28, 1919- The Versailles Treaty is signed within the Hall of Mirrors July 31,...
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