Woman in Black: Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 1 - Christmas Eve
When the book opens, Arthur Kipps is sharing some fascinating thoughts about how he's always been affected by the weather. •He describes how he came to live at Monk's Piece and stumbled across it while out on a ride with his employer, Mr. Bentley. •Arthur is a solicitor and has worked with Mr. Bentley for many years. •Now he's married to a woman named Esmé and lives in Monk's Piece with her four children from a previous marriage; they have been happily settled for fourteen years. •It's Christmas Eve and Arthur is at home with Esmé and her children when the boys begin telling ghost stories. •Arthur tries to be cool with it, but he's uneasy. When Edmund asks him to join in, he pretty much leaves in a huff and goes to walk outside. •Eventually he rejoins the party, but not before deciding to write down the story of what happened to him when he went to Crythin Gifford so many years ago. •And now the real story begins.

Chapter 2 - A London Particular
It's November. Twenty-three year old solicitor Arthur Kipps is going on a business trip for his boss, Mr. Bentley. •He's headed to the home of recently deceased Alice Drablow to sort out her affairs and attend her funeral. •Alice lived on a distant estate called Eel Marsh House outside the town of the unpleasantly named Crythin Gifford. •Mr. Bentley tells him that it'll take at least a day or two to sort everything out, and then sends him off to take the train. Chapter 3 - The Journey North

Arthur gets on the afternoon train and looks through Mrs. Drablow's file. •As he's sitting there, a man comes in to share his compartment and introduces himself as Sam Daily. •He shows some interest in the Drablow file, but Arthur pretty much ignores him. •That's because Arthur thinks he's an ignorant hick, but of course he's far too British and polite to say that to his face. •Sam says all sorts of dreary things about the countryside out there, and then offers to give him a ride. Chapter 4 - The Funeral of Mrs. Drablow

When Arthur reaches Crythin Gifford, Sam drops him off at the hotel and tells him to call him if he ever needs anything. •Arthur is all like, "Psh, I won't need anything," but little does he know… •At the hotel, Arthur gets settled in and tries to talk to the innkeeper about Mrs. Drablow, but he's not having any of it. •Everyone's a little tight-lipped about the whole Drablow affair. •Arthur figures that the townsfolk are backwards hicks who think that old Mrs. Drablow was a witch. •He goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning blissfully unaware of what's going to happen next. •When he gets back to the hotel from a morning stroll, Mr. Jerome, Mrs. Drablow's agent, has left a note saying that he'll be by shortly to pick up Arthur for the funeral. Field trip! •Almost no one is at the service (guess Mrs. Drablow wasn't very popular), but Arthur sees a young woman who is dressed all in black and seems to be dying from some terrible disease. •Oh, and there's also a row of unsmiling children lined up outside the gate at the funeral. •But when he brings up the creepy lady with Mr. Jerome, Mr. Jerome is not pleased. •Actually, he insists that he didn't see a woman at all and kind of freaks out when Arthur keeps claiming that he did. •This goes on for a while, with Arthur, who apparently can't take a hint, talking about the woman and Mr. Jerome denying having seen her. •When they get back into town, Mr. Jerome says that he won't take Arthur to Eel Marsh House. •At lunch, Arthur hobnobs with some locals. When he talks about Eel Marsh House, one guy says that no one will ever buy that house—but won't tell him why. •So it's off to Eel Marsh House to find out some answers for himself. Chapter 5 - Across the Causeway

Instead of a car, a pony and trap pulls up.
A man named Keckwick is going to drive Arthur to Eel Marsh House. Because the road is only available until five, Arthur tells Keckwick that he'll come back...
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