Woman for President

Topics: United States / Pages: 2 (488 words) / Published: May 7th, 2011
I think a woman should be president of the United States because it greatly shows that a woman can do anything a man can do. I think unless you give a woman a chance to be president you won’t know if a woman could make a good president or not. I believe if a woman became president it could lower the discrimination of women throughout the world. I also feel if a woman became president it could increased equality between men and women. If a woman was president I think if there was a problem she could talk about it and make a good decision to handle it.

A woman should be president because discrimination against women could change a lot. It would show a great deal of people that a woman is capable of running a country. It could show people throughout the world that if a woman can run a developed country like the United States, a woman can do anything. I also think it would be a positive change throughout the entire country. It would be a big change because normally you would see a man doing such a high power job. This proves that if a woman is president more women would be less worried to do a job because of getting discriminated against. A woman should also be president because it would increase equality between men and women. It could start to reveal that men are more accepting of women and vice-versa. This doesn’t mean that men and women will get along happily ever after but it does mean that men and women can try to get along much more easily with a for woman president. This proves that if a woman is president this could improve men and women getting along for the better of the country. A woman should be president because a woman could be more understanding to people in need. A woman for president could do more in giving people what they want in a fair matter. I think if faced with a problem and woman would think and talk about it much more thoroughly than a man would. In recent years male presidents have resulted into poor

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