Woman by Nikki Giovanni: About a Woman Going through Rejection

Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: February 26, 2013
“Woman” by Nikki Giovanni is a poem about a woman who is going through rejection. The woman wants a man to love her, and is opening up to him, but her man constantly rejects and denies her. The poem is figuratively about how people shouldn't change who they are just because others do not accept them. The author also conveys that people should not hold back from expressing their feelings. People should have the freedom to share what they want, and should not be discourage to do so. Through the poem, Nikki Giovanni uses metaphors to convey the idea that one doesn't need validation from others to accept one’s self. Even if people don’t support or listen to a person’s ideas, one shouldn’t let others discourage her from sharing her ideas as seen through metaphors in the poem. In the poem, the man constantly rejects the women, “She wanted to be a robin/ singing through the leaves/ but he refused/ to be her tree” (1-4). He refuses to hear her, or support her. The metaphor portrays the relationship by comparing her to a robin singing. The robin represents the woman, and how she sings to get his attention. The bird can also represent The tree represents a relationship between them, but the he does not want to be a tree; therefore, their relationship does not exist. The tree also could also represents a home, or a place to come back to, but he doesn’t want to be a tree, therefore he doesn’t want to be her home to come back to. Also, the comparison of him refusing to be her tree conveys that he doesn’t want to listen, or support her. Him being a tree also portray that he doesn't want to settle down with her, as a robin lives in trees and “he refuses to be her tree”. This metaphor conveys that he doesn’t want to support her, or settle down as a couple. The use of the metaphor helps the readers understand that it is hard for the woman to feel validation if the man does not. The message that one doesn’t need approval from others to have something special in one’s life is...
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