Wolverine Fastener

Topics: Business school, Master of Business Administration, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (547 words) Published: July 5, 2012
Master in Business Administration
School of Business and Management
Xavier University

Case #1

Dr. Alma Frances R. Hortelano

Sedigo, Jenny Joy P.



I. Statement of the Problem:

Roger Gordon’s use of his platonic personal relationships to his advantage, cheating GFC’s standard practice in placing bids.

II. Objective/s:

To be able to place competitive bids to GCF without compromising ethical values and stopping the violations to GCF’s standard practice in placing bids.

III. Areas of consideration:

1) The automobile market has dropped off which has affected Wolverine’s profit levels to decrease.

2) GCF, one of the Big Three in the automobile industry, accounted for most of the company’s orders.

3) Edwin Andrew and Roger Gordon made corporate decisions together. However, each one was responsible for his accounts. Moreover, even with Edwin’s knowledge of Roger’s tactics he sticks to his “mind your own business” mantra.

4) GCF’s practice is to accept only closed quotations keeping all quotes private and awarding the lowest group a percentage of the order for that particular part.

5) The formation of Mr. Roger Gordon’s platonic personal relationship with Ms. Mary Swoboda was a common practice in business and that in Mr. Roger’s point of view; competitors would have gotten the edge that Wolverine has if he didn’t do anything.

6) Whenever Mr. Roger receives information from Ms. Mary regarding the quotations he immediately calls Chicago whether price cuts could be made before he places his quote to GCF.

IV. Alternative Courses of Action:

1) Stop using the platonic...
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