Wolfgang Pauli & the Exclusion Principle

Topics: Quantum mechanics, Spin, Quantum field theory Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: July 13, 2009
Wolfgang Pauli & The Exclusion Principle

Receiving a Nobel Prize is a very onerous award. It is usually given to scientists who have had the most amazing discovery & most scientific advancement in their chosen field of studies. Ever since the first Nobel Prize was given in 1901 there have been much more scientific advancements in physics, which has given way too many more Nobel Prizes given out. One of these amazing scientific advancements was The Exclusion Principle discovered by Wolfgang Pauli, & which also earned him a Nobel Prize in 1945.

Wolfgang Pauli was born April 25, 1900 in Vienna. In his early years he attended Doblinger Gymnasium until he graduated in 1918. He was a very prospective student in all his studies especially physics. Only two months after graduating Doblinger Gymnasium Wolfgang published his first paper on Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. This paper was Wolfgang’s stepping stone to a promising career in physics. A short time after finishing high school he attended Ludwig Maximilians University where he received his PhD while working under Arnold Sommerfield in 1921. Sommerfield asked Wolfgang to review Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, & two months after Wolfgang received his doctorate he published his 237 page article which was praised by Einstein. From the years 1923-1928 Wolfgang was a lecturer at the University of Hamburg where he was very influential in the development of the modern Theory of Quantum Mechanics.

Gilley 2 Throughout Wolfgang Pauli’s life he made many important contributions in his career as a physicist, which was primarily in the field of Quantum Mechanics. He had a very close relationship with Niel Bohr, & Werner Heisenberg which he would frequently write lengthy letters to about his ideas & results. Many of Wolfgang’s ideas & results went unpublished making...
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