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Topics: Women's National Basketball Association, Charlotte Sting, WNBA Playoffs Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: January 22, 2013
In dissecting this problem, it becomes evident that the demand for this particular sport is an issue. How many people have a desire to watch this sport, and furthermore are willing to pay a price for this entertainment? The WNBA fan base is slowly declining, and as a result, less money is being generated from the public. Spectators have concluded that the growing audience has been hard to come by for the WNBA, which is apparent by the league’s attendance history. With the WNBA falling short of its male counterpart attendance wise, the WNBA has the lower hand of the deal when it comes to ticket pricing. The WNBA is already put at a disadvantage by having half as many seasonal games as the NBA. The average WNBA ticket price is fifteen dollars as opposed to the average NBA ticket being forty-five dollars. When compared with the attendance rate, the women’s basketball league is struggling tremendously. With people already cutting back expenses from the hardships of the recent recession, this has made the opportunity cost for the less popular women’s ticket drop dramatically. Kyle Weidie in, The WNBA is worth it, states his reasoning on low sales and popularity by stating, “Men’s basketball is more athletically entertaining in contrast to general human athletic capabilities,” which would decrease the demand for women’s basketball. Weidie further states, “not to say women’s basketball is not athletically astounding in its own way, just very small in comparison to a pool of the world’s greatest athletes.” With the differences in athleticism and levels of entertainment, the public’s preferred choice has helped contribute to the economic blow within this organization. Here is a quick representation of the recent 2009 national attendance rate and media coverage.

Noticing the drastic difference in attendance in correlation to popularity has lead to the continuation of WNBA teams folding. Research has shown that over the league’s existence since 1997, six teams have...
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