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Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of






Under the guidance of

Sanjay Kashi M.Tech,LMISTE

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
KrishnaMurthy Institute of Tech. & Engg.
(Affiliated to JNTU, HYD)
Edulabad, Ghatkesar-501301

This is to certify that the technical seminar report titled “Witricity” is being submitted by the following students of KRISHNAMURTHY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING, in accordance with the academic requirement for the award of degree Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering during the academic year 2011-2012.


Under the guidance of
Mr. Sanjay Kashi M.Tech, LMISTE



Acknowledgement| i|
Abstract| ii|
List of Figures| iii|
1| Introduction| 1|
2| Evolution of Witricity| 3|
| 2.1| Inventors of Witricity| 3|
| 2.2| Birth of Witricity Technology| 3|
| 2.3| Fundamentals of Witricity Technology| 3|
3| How Witricity is Different than Other Technologies| 6| | 3.1| Traditional Magnetic Induction| 6|
| 3.2| Witricity Technology is Different than Radiative Power Transfer| 6| | 3.3| Witricity Technology is Different than Magnetic Resonance Imaging| 7| 4| Striking Features Of Witricity| 7|

| 4.1| Highly Resonant Strong Coupling Provides High Efficiency Over Distance| 7| | 4.2| Energy Transfer Via Magnetic Near Field Can Penetrate And Wrap Around Obstacles| 7| | 4.3| Non-Radiative Energy Transfer Is Safe For People And Animals| 8| | 4.4| Scalable Design Enables Solutions From Mill Watts To Kilowatts| 8| | 4.5| Flexible Geometry Allows Witricity Devices To Be Embedded Into Oem Products| 8| 5| Advantages & Disadvantages| 9|

| 5.1| Advantages| 9|
| 5.2| Disadvantages| 9|
6| Witricity Applications| 9|
| 6.1| Direct Wireless Power| 9|
| 6.2| Automatic Wireless Charging| 9|
| 6.3| Consumer Electronics| 10|
| 6.4| Transportation| 11|
| 6.5| Other Applications| 11|
7| Conclusion| 12|
8| Future Scope| 13|
| References| 14|


At the outset we sincerely thank God for having got my project completed in time. Firstly, we thank our parents who have been a motivation factor throughout our lives. Secondly, we sincerely thank Dr. Mohammed Ismail , HOD, ECE Dept., Krishnamurthy Institute of Technology & Engineering for his kind cooperation and encouragement for successful completion of technical seminar report. We are most obliged and grateful to our principal and internal guide (Mr.Sanjay Kashi), for giving us guidance.


The world has always been galloping in the chariot of technological wonders, where change is constant. Adding a feather in the cap of modern technological wonder babies, science has given birth to a robust mechanism called ‘WITRICITY’. Our forefathers marveled at the invention of glowing light bulbs by Thomas Edison in 1879. However, to us 21st centurions, the light bulb is nothing out of the ordinary. When computers, cell phones, Laptops, iPods, etc. were invented our antennas tweaked. Now this is what you call invention! However, as time’s progressing we are getting used to these devices. In fact, charging all these appliances has become so very cumbersome. Each appliance has its own set of chargers, and with every family member owning their cell phones, the drawers are overflowing with all sorts of wires. How many times have you wished if there could be some way to do away with all the wiry clutter? When you are on the way to work and your cell phone beeps in hunger for a battery charge, haven't you wished for...
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