With Reference to Morgan Spurlock's "Supersize Me", Examine and Evaluate How Linguistic, Structural and Presentational Devices Are Used in This Polemic Documentary

Topics: Super Size Me, McDonald's, Morgan Spurlock Pages: 4 (1558 words) Published: November 13, 2006
"These kids can't show that their weight problems and health woes were caused solely by their McDiets" "Supersize Me" is a documentary by Morgan Spurlock trying to convince his audience that this statement is false. Spurlock uses many structural and presentational devices to affect us on a personal level.

One of the structural devices Spurlock uses is dividing each individual "attack" on McDonalds or otherwise into chapters. Each chapter change is represented by a piece of dramatic artwork, which puts McDonalds into a negative spotlight. One chapter is titled "The Last Supper" which is a biblical allusion. Furthermore he tells us what day he is on. This all gives a sense of organization and structure to his argument making it that much more convincing.

Spurlock has made an introduction, which is a buildup to what he wants to do. The body of his argument is punctuated by arguments, which are barely relevant to what Spurlock tries to disprove, but they gives a solid foundation to his conclusion for example there is a segment about how McDonalds tries to lure in small children from an early age with the playgrounds and the big happy clown has nothing to do with McDonalds food being unhealthy but it still convinces us that McDonalds is trying to be malicious on purpose. In his conclusion he simply restates what made him go on his one month eating binge, which is that McDonalds food can't be proven to have caused the two girls obesity and health problems shows us what happened to him when he ate only McDonalds and gives us statistics and evidence which completely proves his point. So while getting the viewer interested about McDonalds and other food corporations he drops the bomb that it is true that junk-food/fast-food can destroy your health.

There is a buildup in the introduction about where you can find McDonalds dramatically ending with a few examples of McDonalds in Hospitals even cracking a joke "at least your close when the coronary kicks in",...
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