With Advances in Television Technology and Also Social Media Based Forms of Communication Such as the Internet and Facebook, to What Extent Could This Modern Technology Now Put the Integrity of the Trial Process Under Threat.

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With advances in television technology and also social media based forms of communication such as the internet and Facebook, to what extent could this modern technology now put the integrity of the trial process under threat.

The human rights act of 1998 states that we have the right to a fair trial by our peers. (Art 6 sec 1). The magnitude of the decisions faced by the jurors is large. The decision to revoke a defendants liberty is one that has to be carried out by the jury. To do this, the jury must remain unbiased and weigh up the prosecution and defence teams arguments and evidence to make an unbiased decision with the evidence that they have heard with in the court room. However, With in the least 5 years. Social media and the internet in general has become more accessible. 93% of people who have a mobile deice with internet connection access the internet on a daily basis. (Think with Google 2012) With the whole of the internet at our fingertips, how does this have an impact on the criminal justice system ? And more importantly, the jury process? Study’s by Surette (1998) and Grebner et al (1980) have shown that the portrail of crime in the media is more violent, random and dangerous than the statistics show. Can this research translate over to how it impacts the jury system? The CSI Effect.

is the role that television has played in recent years. In 2002 concerns were raised about how the criminal justice system was portrayed in television programmes such as CSI and law and order. Cole and Dioso-villa (2009) have called this theory ‘The CSI Effect’. Dooley (2005) suggests that the misrepresentation of how evidence is acquired and the time scales of getting toxicology and forensic evidence back has given jurors a clouded view of how the system works. Nolen (2007) has also said that these kinds of television shows see cases solved in an hour time frame and DNA results being returned within minutes. Farkas (2006) also adds that jurors have difficulty...

References: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8519995.stm
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