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“The Witcher”

“The Witcher” game is based on the polish fantasy author Andrzej Sapkowski book series called the same name. The game is produced by polish studio CD Project Red and is based in fantasy world. The player directs the action of Gerald of Rivia – defending the title witcher people against the monster and during the game have the opportunity to visit many places known from the novel. Title is characterized by on attractive visual setting, compelling story and many interesting solution as well as very good made music. The Witcher 2 impresses on so many levels that it is difficult to identify its strongest point.The story throws a number of questes behind the Assassin of Kings. The way you overcome, is filled with memorable tasks, characters and scenes, which will not find in competitive role-playing games set in fantasy. After the prologue we can deal with the exploration of the world, and side quests. During the game, we are watch cool realized animated comics .Worth to play slowly, slowly exploring every corner of the site. The Witcher 2 offers a huge amount of content and humorous inserts. The dialogue is in a class by itself, well written and played, even at a tavern conversation villagers or soldiers in the camp it simply bring a smile on your face. The first part of “The Witcher” game was a huge success for its creators and they promised to make the second part of the game even better. The Witcher 2: Assassion of Kings combines high level technology and presentation with old – school level difficulty. This game shows everything that is good about Pc games. It tells a mature tale full intrigue, mystery and hard but satisfying combat. It will be great to finally check how “The Witcher” will be works on xbox360. I am a big fan of RPG games and for me “The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings“ is definitely one of the best RPGs of the year!
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