Witch of Blackbird Pond

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The name of the book that I read was "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" By, Elizabeth George Speare. The book took place in the year of 1687. Some of the book takes place on a boat called the "Dolphin," and then the rest of the book in Wethersfield, in the state of Connecticut. The main characters in the book are Katherine Tyler (her nickname was Kit), Nat Eaton, Uncle Matthew, Aunt Rachel, Hannah Tupper, Kit's cousins Mercy, and Judith, Prudence, Hannah Tupper, John Holbrook, Goodwife Cruff and Goodman Cruff. One of the problems in the beginning of the book is when she goes to her cousin's house and was adapting to their way of life; for instance when she got there, they all did not have good clothes and she had really fancy clothes that they would have never worn in their life because they were too expensive. Another problem that she encountered was that she met a lady named Hannah Tupper that lived near Blackbird Pond and she was a Quaker. That's why she was forced to live there, because no one liked her and she was also accused of being a witch. Kit made friends with her when she bumped into her in the meadow. This jeopardized her life and that was a problem. She helped Prudence read and write and that was a little risky too.

I mostly identify with the main character kit. I mostly identify with her because she likes to try new things and I like to try new things also. I also identify with her because she likes to explore new places, for instance when she was crying, she ran and ran till she couldn't run anymore and then she found a new place and made a new friend. She was exploring new places in the new city she lives in. That's why I think that I most identify with her. I think that Mercy would most likely be a close friend of mine because she has the same interests, because she liked to talk and she liked to be social just like me. Kit was the same way in the book just like me and that is another way that I identify with her the best we are almost the...
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