Witch Hunt New Guinea

Topics: Witch-hunt, Papua New Guinea, Witchcraft Pages: 4 (1513 words) Published: October 29, 2013

Part One:
In Papua New Guinea a mob of at least 50 stripped, tortured, bound, and burned a woman alive accused of witchcraft in front of hundreds of witnesses. The witnesses included many children who were seen taking photos of the brutal killing. The woman was 20 year old mother Kepari Leniata, who had been accused of sorcery by relatives of a 6 year old boy who had died in the hospital a day before her murder. Deputy Police Commissioner Simon Kauba was outraged at the Mount Hagen investigators for not making a single arrest; he expressed his anger by phone. Apparently the public was not cooperating with police but Kakas believes the police at the crime were not working hard enough. The incident happened in broad daylight in front of hundreds of people yet they have not picked up a single suspect. Every year, there are hundreds of people (mainly women) that are murdered due to witch beliefs. Women are blamed for the illnesses that many people suffer from that are considered “unexplainable”. These killings take place mainly in rural communities where the belief in superstition and magic is very prevalent. With the help of modern education and the 1971 of the Sorcery Act by the Australian Colonial administration, they have been able to stop some of the accusations and murders, but have not succeeded in eliminating this practice. Overall, the government of Papua New Guinea lacks the motivation to make witch hunting a thing of the past. The thesis of the article is that the people of Papua New Guinea have not been abiding the rules that were set in 1971 to prevent the killing of people who believe in witch craft or sorcery. The thesis I will be choosing is there needs to be more done to this civilization to end the murdering of suspected witches and make the people of Papua New Guinea become more civilized. The main points are police are not taking enough action to stop the mobs/gangs. Hundreds of people every year are continually still being murdered over...
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