Witch Hunt Expository

Topics: Witchcraft, Salem witch trials, Salem, Massachusetts Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Mr. Lesandrini
AP English 11 Language and Composition
10 December 2012

“Witch Hunt” Expository Essay
A witch-hunt is not limited to one particular event in history. Many key events throughout time relate very closely to these acts of misunderstanding and unjustified killings. For instance, The Crucible by Arthur Miller was written to portray the Salem Witch Trials in a fictional view although based on true events. Miller in fact based this play after Joseph McCarthy’s Red scare as a fictional foreshadow to more modern times. Another thing closely tied to the witch-hunts is the treatment of Japanese Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They were completely stripped of their humanity and marked as something to look down up or fear. In all these cases it is begun with a simple belief that becomes too strong for one to keep in control. Most of the people in all of the situations were completely innocent but branded with a mark that cast them off as threatening to ones self and family. It marks historical repetition, as human kind is not able to let go of the past although they may or may not have lived through it.

The idea of a witch-hunt is based upon ones fear and inability to explain an abnormal occasion. The imagination runs wild and out of control twisting reality and fantasy into an indistinguishable combination. It is not even questioned because the time it seemed very logical and reasonable. The Salem Witch hunt is not the first of its kind, witchcraft has been believed to be around since about the 1300s in Europe. At least tens of thousands of “witches” were executed (Blumberg). The Crucible in fact is closer to a true historical event than it seems. The characters Arthur Miller used in the playwright actually existed, although age and relationships to one another was bit shifted. Although the truth in the play is the reality of the trials, there was no mercy shown because no one truly knew what to believe because...

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