Wish You Well

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English 101
November 18, 2010
Character Analysis/Wish you well

Wish you well

Wish You Well is a book that is superbly written by David Baldacci, the basic story line revolves within the life of Louisa Mae Cardinal, insecure girl aged twelve years surviving in the extreme life of New York City in the wake of 1940s with her much-admired but poorly paid father, her loving mother and her younger brother. Looking at the nature of the characters employed in the novel, it would be imperative to assert each and every character is telling the story from individual angle. By using a logical yet strong language for his description the author presents his characters more closely to the reader in a way that they relate to the real picture being grasped by the reader. For instance; Louisa Mae Cardinal, being the principal subject of the novel is depicted as a girl who was ever curious, strong in spirit and engaging. These attributes are innately ascribed to her father whom she seems to be a replica of. Consider the fact that, Louise had an innate believe that, the land held secrets that one had to listen to and equally learn from, and this profoundly shapes her characters. Hence, to capture the real imagination of his audience, the characters are depicted portraying diverse yet assimilated attributes which are apparent in within the common social setting. This can be testified by the manner such characters as Eugene as well as Diamond, equally the characters has been painted in a manner that is evidenced in the novel where the author passes on to the characters' attitudes as well as their actions that deal with individual life includes its value. Yet while attributing to George Davis we find that his nature is demonstrated as being evil. “George Davis is an awful man “said Lou. Louisa leaned her back against the porch railing. “Work his children like mules and treats his mules better’n his children.” (Baldacci 186) Thus, it can be asserted that, the manner the...
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