Wish and Paw

Topics: Wish, Thing, Reasoning Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: September 2, 2013
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Sometimes people ask for wishes without thinking in the future…and terrible things could happen. Here we have two interesting stories about it. Which stories are we going to talk about?

The point-by-point method: Aunty Misery and the monkey´s paw. In the Aunty misery we can see, the death climbed the tree like the other children did, and he got stocked like them..And we can look in the monkey´s paw all of them asked wishes in the same way. Aunty misery has a setting where live an old woman with a beautiful tree of delicious pears, where death got socked and they are kids in the neighborhoods. The setting of the monkey´s paw is really mysterious and suspenseful… it takes place in a house where the most of the time the nights are full of storms and is inside a monkey´s paw. In Aunty Misery the thing or person that granted the wishes was an old woman who needs some hospitality; this stranger granted a woman one wish. The monkey´s paw has a different way of who grant you the wish, here is a scary “magic” monkey´s paw that grant you three wishes... that was founded in India and appeared in the house... We can learn of Aunty Misery of never ask something that could harm the rest of the people, that would be inconsiderate. At the same time in the monkey’s paw; before you wish for something, think about the consequences. Conclusion: In conclusion we should think before asking for things that can harm us.. It’s better not wishing for things that you don´t have, because there´s a reason you have what you have and not what you don’t!
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