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How to be a wise buyer. The tricks to wise buying. How to avoid scams, and what to do if one occurs.

By lmao Aug 29, 2003 298 Words
In any industry there are two parties. The consumer and the seller. The Consumer is the one who is willing to buy products, where the Seller is the party willing to Sell products. The two parties are very different and some times disputes may arise between the two. The following paragraphs will explain A. What problems can arise and how to avoid these problems and B. What to do under the circumstances. This text is useful information to those who want to become a wise buyer.

Even if you are a wise buyer who follows all the steps in the previous paragraph closely, it is still possible that you may still come across, various problems over the counter. In Case study "Davey V GT Programming" the consumer (the buyer), thought she had nowhere to turn. She was angry, and was stuck with a broken computer, what could she have done. The following steps are to help people in a similar situation as the one on the previous page.

Talk to the shop attendant. Present the problem and a possible solution. If this fails ask for an appointment with the store director or manager. If you still cannot decide on solution you both agree on ring the office of fair-trading and ask their advice. If the advice given does not prove useful in coming to a resolution, lodge a complaint at the Small claims tribunal (SCT). Once you have lodged a complaint it may take a month or so before your case is heard.

The previous paragraphs contain information on, who can help with these problems, and how these problems can be avoided. This paper was written in hope that the reader will have a new awareness of the legal & business structure that plays a major role in many lives today.

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