Wise Blood Essay

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Wise Blood
In the movie Wise Blood the topic of religion is discussed throughout the entire movie. There were many different men trying to tell the by standards to follow them and that their way was right. Even the main character, Hazel Motes, was attempting to lead the people to a church with no God. Flannery O’Conner painted a different kind of picture of the materialistic people in the unknown city of this movie. He does this through the topic of religion. In “Wise Blood”, the Religion is treated as if it were just another materialistic thing. People want the newest trends and that can include religion also. The old “traditional” ways of religious beliefs are tested in this movie. Religion, in “Wise Blood”, is treated as if it were something people could use to get money. The main character, Hazel Motes, attempted to change that materialistic belief, but in the end he did not do it justice.

Hazel Motes is a military officer coming home trying to start a new life. When he is in the city he runs into a so called “blind” preacher on the streets. The blind man was preaching that there is a God and that people need to give to the church through him. Hazel was very upset about this and started attempting to preach that there is no God and they need to follow him when he starts a new church without a God. When Hazel goes to the place where he is staying, he finds out the “blind” preacher is staying there too. This really makes the situation worse for Hazel. One night Hazel went into the “blind” man’s room and lit a match to see if he was really blind. He had been lying about it. He was just a crook after people’s money. He was using God to make people feel sorry for him and that would in turn make them give him money.

While Hazel is preaching on a street corner, another man comes up to him. (Oly J Holy)**** This particular guy thought Hazel was just making lies up to obtain money, when in reality Hazel was preaching from what he believed. This guy...
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