Wisdom of Whores

Topics: AIDS, HIV, Condom Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: April 12, 2011
One of views that Pisani explains, is when she stated that religious dedication mainly in the Christian and Muslim faiths “stands firmly between what we should be doing to prevent HIV and what we actually do.” (P188, Pisani) To me what she is saying is that another way for society to tell people about the safety of HIV, and this way is through religion. In her passage she says that religion obscures the truth, so whatever these kids learn will be whatever the religion says and these kids will have to follow and that could be abstinence till you get married. She then goes on to say that “religious dogma crushes our efforts to translate good data into good HIV prevention.” (P188, Pisani) In the book it goes on to say that power follows religion, and then money follows power and everyone follows money. To me I feel as if religion would be a good way to slow down the HIV epidemic because, at a younger age if you’re told about how sex and how it can cause HIV which can cause death it would scare a lot of kids. If kids are learning about sex in a religious manner I feel as if adolescents would follow it more. If I was growing up with this I would be abstinent till marriage. George W. Bush thought the same way that the only way to avoid HIV is to teach our children to be abstinent. Yes Pisani brings in the argument of sperm between women and men and how they need sex, but there’s always ways around that like religion, and being taught to control that urge.

She then goes on to say the increase of premarital sex and the decrease of prostitution would ultimately cut the risk of HIV. She goes on to bring out an example of Thailand saying that they have taught us that with fewer men paying for sex from prostitutes lowers the risk for HIV infection. Also with that, there would be a larger condom use. I would have to disagree with this because if there was an increase of premarital sex, it would just be a whole bunch of uneducated teenagers just going around having sex all...
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