wireless tech proposal

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Wireless Technology Proposal
July 19, 2014

When it comes to making improvements to your technology within your company Party Plates, there are some wirelesses technologies that we recommend will be great for your company to build and expand further than you ever thought that it could. Making sure that you are able to reach beyond your regular clients and branch out to all of those that uses all forms of wireless technology. We will show you how you will be able to meet individuals' needs, as well as big retail corporations, too. You will see that the wireless technology is a system that is easy to learn and train to other employees and will be in the right price range for your company's needs.

Wireless Technology Proposal

Throughout the year, Party Plates have been doing wonderful business and have recently decided to expand their business by moving into a bigger building in order to accommodate their employees and clients as well. We have decided on a few wireless technology systems that we feel will allow Party Plates owners, employees and clients to feel safe and comfortable within the new building that the company has relocated to.

The first wireless technology that we recommend for Party Plates is Wi-Fi Network Technology. With the use of having Wi-Fi incorporate into your company, will allow not only you, but also your employees to connect with clients while they are away from the office. Wi-Fi is commonly called the wireless LAN; it is one of those networks in which high-frequency radio waves are required for transmission of data from one place to another. It operates on several hundreds of feet between two places of data transmission. This network technology will only work properly on high-frequency radio signals; otherwise the network will not work properly. Nowadays this technology is used as an office or as a home network and in many electronic devices. Wireless LAN or Wi-Fi is divided into three main points...

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